About Greenix Resources

Greenix Resources is a Florida, US based importing Exporting Trading company mainly importing different category of products from different countries worldwide.

The company involved in sea food plant engineering since 1996, and now entering into sea food trading. Mainly dealing with Frozen foods,chilled fish, sea foods, snacks and favoury, processed vegetables, curries & pickles, fruit products, Non veg products, Indian Breads, South Indian Pan cakes etc.

  • Greenix Resources is a seafood Trading Company which offers a wide variety of globally sourced premium quality Sea Food.Upholding quality is key to us and guides our path in various production processes.
  • We believe that through our consistency in maintaining high standards and our passion for seafood trading, we will continue to propel ourselves to grater heights in the global seafood industry.


  • For Seafood Trading,it is imperative to establish ourselves as aneffecient facilitator, through the management of our talented trading force, knowledge in logistics and procedures, whose main objective is to meet the needs of our customers through the effecient management of resources.
  • we can provide best quality seafood with best competitive price
  • And make commitments to long and beneficial business relationships all set in a trigger with highly ethical, professional and fair competition


  • Being innovation in the trading of the best seafood, looking to differentiate, not only by the quality, but by providing our clients a steady development of products and our business operations while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate changes in the market and seize new opportunities that are the seeds of growth.
  • Promote,Support, Develop and realize the great commercial opportunities available today worldwide,
  • so that we will generate growth integral to broad sectors of our society, with a high level of excellence supported by a qualified team who are competitive, committed with a sense of belonging and responsibility, giving our clients confidence in Seafood Trading, to bring to fruition, the joint objectives.