• MS
  • SS and GI C- Class pipes
  • MS and SS C-Channels
  • angles 
  • Flat bars, Plates 
  • MS and GI Short bends
  • Valves
  • Controls 
  • MSS
  • SS and GI Nuts and Bolts
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Plates
  • SS Hose
  • SS Coils etc.


  • plate freezer 
  • blast freezer coil
  • ammonia receiver
  • LP vessel
  • cooling coil
  • oil separator 
  • condensers
  • accumulator
  • welding machine 
  • grinding machine 
  • pipe cutting machine
  • drilling machine 
  • hydraulic bending machine
  • turning lathe, aluminum welding machine
  • tig and arc welding machine 
  • air compressors etc

♦   Greenix resources is well- equipped with all the right facilities to carve out a unique identity in the burgeoning seafood industry.

   As universally accepted, the market of seafood is getting widened on a daily basis.

   Besides India, a number of foreign countries also love the delicious varieties of seafood.

  China is a wellknown sea food consumer in the world.

  Along with the most populous country, Japan and United States of America also relish these delicacies.

♦  With the increasing market, the demand for better refrigeration facilities is also on the rise.

♦  A recent rise in the number of ice factories in India and abroad could be attributed to this fact.

  This phenomenon has fuelled a tremendous surge in the manufacture of refrigeration machineries.

  Today, South India leads the industry and the presence of coastal areas is considered an added advantage.

♦  In recent years, the production of seafood and production of refrigeration machineries have registered an impressive growth in the area.

  We concentrate on refrigeration equipments and machineries.

  Our professionals possess unparalleled expertise in the design, supply, installation, maintenance and repair works of these machineries.

  From the humble beginnings in 1995, we have grown into a coveted position where 35 trained technicians and full-fledged engineering facilities in several parts of the world have become part of us.

  Our successful journey could be traced back to the ambitious mindset of Mr. Benedict, the man behind the idea.

♦  Today, we are planning to break all conventional concepts in refrigeration segment with the implementation of a low-power fast freezing technology.             

  In addition, we have well-designed facilities meant for the safe storage of raw materials and finished goods as well.

  With more than two decades of rich experience under the belt, we are determined to continue our wholehearted efforts and provide the best possible services to our dedicated customers in the years to come.